My Wellbeing Plan

In addition to the support you receive from your health or care provider, it helps to create your own personalised wellbeing plan for living life to the full.

Use the tool below to help you get started – it's easy!

  1. Select different topics from the list on the left-hand side and drag them into the squares on the right.
  2. You’ll then be able to add whatever notes and information you choose: just follow the instructions.
  3. Once you are finished, click on ‘Save’ and then copy the unique code that appears on screen. You can retrieve your Wellbeing Plan anytime by returning to this web page, clicking on ‘Load’ and entering your code.

What to include in your Wellbeing Plan

You can include anything that means something to you. It might be really practical things like health information, factsheets or videos, or medication lists. Or it might be something personal to you that is a reminder of why keeping well is important – something to keep you motivated and focused, for example, photos of family members, songs that you love, or a life goal. After all you aren’t just a health condition: you are an individual, a unique person living your own life.

Download My Wellbeing example plan

Example plan