Celebrations for International Day of the Older Persons!

On Friday the 1st of October, the Complex Care Team from the Dukinfield, Mossley and Stalybridge Primary Care Network celebrated International Day of the Older Persons with the residents at Millbrook Care Home in Stalybridge. This was a joint project with Millbrook Care Home, The Complex Care Nurses, Tameside Youth Justice Service and Population Health.

The residents had a lovely afternoon in the garden with the team. There were some lovely donations for celebrating the day which included locally produced vegetables donated by the Allotment Café in Mossley, home-made bird houses, feeders and letters of kindness from the Tameside Youth Justice Service and plants donated by DB Nurseries in Hyde. The Care Home made a lovely, hearty soup for dinner with the locally produced vegetables for the residents to enjoy and Deputy Mayor Councillor, Michael Glover and Ian from the Tameside Youth Justice Service, planted the plants in the Care Home garden for the residents to watch grow. The residents enjoyed reading the letters of kindness from the Tameside Youth Justice Service and some residents have started to write notes to send back to the children. The Tameside Youth Forum plan to visit the Care Home in the next few weeks with children from the Forum who are going to plant some more flowers in the garden with the residents.

Jennifer Crozier, Complex Care Nurse spoke about the day, “Such a special day, you can see the happiness and smiles on the ladies faces and it makes me feel so proud to be a part of this team and a part of supporting this Care Home. The relationships that will be built following this with the children and the residents are going to be amazing, the ladies are so happy to receive the letters of kindness, one lady has wrote back and wants to be a pen pal, thank you so much everyone.”

Birdhouse & Letter
Birdhouse made by Tameside Youth Justice Service and letter of kindness​


The newly opened 4C Community Hub in Ashton-under-Lyne also celebrated International Day of the Older Persons by hosting a Tea Dance for the residents of Tameside & Glossop. The Tea Dance included a live singer, a delicious buffet and dancing. The Event room at the Hub was beautifully dressed with china dinner sets, flowers and lots of sparkles. Twenty people came along to the Tea Dance and had a lovely afternoon.

The 4C Community Hub plan to host lots more of these Events, with the next being close to Christmas, more details will be released on this page over the next few weeks.

Feedback from the Event was very positive, one of the guests at the Tea Dance said; “You have done a smashing job putting this Event on”.

Buffet at the Tea Dance

To find out more about the 4c Community Hub in Ashton, please visit: https://www.4cashton.org.uk/ 

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