Forget-Me Not Buddies

Forget-Me-Not Buddies (Tameside) is  an independent social and support group run by Carers and Volunteers for Carers and Persons living with Dementia in Tameside and surrounding areas. 

The Group was set up in 2013 by Roy Bate, his daughter Carrol and Viv Shilton all being Carers of people living with a diagnosis of Dementia within their family.  The group has gone from strength to strength and was granted CIO Charity status on the 3rd of May 2019. 

Forget-Me-Not Buddies offer subsidised social activities and interactions for persons living with Dementia and their Carers. Attendees of the Group see Buddies as a ‘close family’ who share the highs and the lows whilst continuing to enjoy life as much as possible whilst on their journey. 

The Group run a weekly social club with refreshments and live entertainment, regular Ten Pin Bowling and various day trips (which usually include food and entertainment/shopping) and even a 4 day holiday in a seaside resort.   Some of the trips that the group have been on include; Skipton Market & Canal Barge Trip, mini break to Blackpool, annual pantomime, Rivington Hall Barn, Clayton Hall Living History Museum and Anderton Boat Lift.

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, the Trustees of the Group set up a WhatsApp Group which has been and continues to be very active on a daily basis, along with the Facebook Group and Page which has served to keep the Group chatting to each other. For those who were not able to access online, the Liaison Officer, Beryl, has been telephoning members of the Group at least once a week for a chat and to check they are ok – as well as receiving many calls in response. 

During the Lockdown the Group Trustees remained active by arranging for over 80 Afternoon Cream Teas, Valentine and Xmas party platters, Easter Eggs, Forget-Me-Not Buddies branded face masks,  bottles of hand sanitiser, Xmas presents and cards to be delivered to every member and volunteer of Forget Me Not Buddies . 

The groups fantastic weekly social events are now back up and running and are held each Monday between 1pm and 3pm in Denton with light refreshments, activities (bingo/quizzes) and live entertainment. 

Please find more information on the Forget-Me-Not Buddies weekly social events and ‘Our Journey’ by Carrol Ashton (Trustee & Founder Member) in the ‘Downloads’ section to the left hand side of this page. 

For more information on Forget–Me-Not Buddies –


Facebook: Forget-Me-Not Buddies (Tameside)



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