Community Wellbeing Tameside and Glossop is a collaboration. A collaboration between organisations across Tameside and Glossop and members of the public to work together to promote and develop the things that have a real impact on people’s health and wellbeing.

Evidence tells us that as little as 10% of the things that keep us healthy are linked to health and care. The rest is connected to our social situation, where we live, our economic status, how happy we are etc. In order to truly transform the health and wellbeing of our population we need to work differently, find ways to connect the power of people and communities to the traditional health and care system – recognising the assets and strengths of each.

We need to build a movement around this approach. Tameside and Glossop pulling together as one to improve the health and wellbeing of our communities. We can all make a difference.

  • Be Inspired – We want to tell stories that highlight what people can do when they work differently, have different relationships, or simply come together as communities. We want to bring these together with a single voice and shout about some of the amazing things happening across Tameside and Glossop. We’ll showcase the perspective of members of the public, people who run different community activities, health and care professionals and others;

  • Take Action – We want to know what steps you are taking to improve your wellbeing, or what you are involved in in your community. Alternatively tell us what you are committed to changing by taking a pledge. You can also sign up to the Community Wellbeing Charter. This has been developed together with people from across Tameside and Glossop to highlight the things that we can achieve together.

  • Think About Your Own Wellbeing – We have included on the site a number of resources and tools to help you think about what positive steps you can take to improve your wellbeing. Have a look at the Wellbeing Collage. It allows you to collate all the things that make you feel great and develop a wellbeing plan. There is also a tool to support you to get the most from appointments with health and care professionals. Working through a number of key questions it helps you think through what you need to get from your appointment.